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His parents refuse me because of different caste; please help

we both are Sunni Muslims but he belongs to a high caste then mine and that is the issue. he has already talked about us to his parents they are fine with me and family but only there problem is my caste.

How should I be a good wife to him and he a good husband to me?

He is Aussie while I am American, but ethnically he is middle eastern as his mom and dad were born in Afghanistan. How does the marriage even work? What am I to say, and not say? What should I be expecting? Any books I can read? I guess I should add that I am the third among my friends getting married, and the first who is doing it with the blessing of families and friends.

Contact cut off completely; but I still love him

I am still in love with the boy I wanted to marry, but my parents refused due to caste. Everyday I think about him and everyday I pray for him.. I just wish I could marry him and live a happy life.

Is This Relationship Halal or Haram?

I have recently converted to Islam about six months ago. I did this on my own with good intentions in my heart and mind, but it just happened to benefit my relationship with my Muslim boyfriend.

My parents deny him for me because of caste issues

Both of us came in touch thru fb..n my parents knw abt dat v r in touch on fb. but v didnt realized whn dis fb frndshp changed to love. i told ma sis to convey this 2 ma parents n she agreed happily. she talked in a informal way 2 ma mom n she said its not a suitable proposal.

Parents not agreeing to marriage with a Bengali girl.

24 Tamil guy working in India in love with Bengali . My parents are not agreeing to this marriage due to distance in cities and language problems. Also, girl was in a relationship in the past with her boyfriend for 3 years before she met me.

Love marriage and pre-marital relationships in Islam

I am a young Muslim man and I am in a relationship with a Muslim girl. We love each other, respect each other, care for each other and are very much happy together. I am practising myself and offer my 5 times prayers and come from a noble family. She is also very nice girl, practising, prays 5 times a day and do extra prayers as well, recites Holy Quran regularly and attend Quran learning classes regularly.