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Proposal accepted by father then rejected!

I have no idea what to do anymore, if his reasons for my marriage were Islamic and acceptable then I would stay away, however they are not which is frustrating.

I chose to marry a cousin in haste, now I regret it!

In haste, and with my own voice, I agreed to get engaged to my mum’s brother’s son. Everyone was happy, jealous, sad and excited. The engagement took place, but I wasn’t happy. I could have said something sooner, but seeing everyone happy made me hesitate. I thought I could grow to like the fiancee, but I was so wrong- though I tried.

Have I made the wrong decision?

I was arranged marriaged to a cousin. After marriage he ran away in the UK somewhere. I met my boyfriend a few years later we have had child through IVF conception . But I still not Islamically divorced from my arranged marriage husband.