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Name changing when converting

Recently I moved to a Muslim area and some local Muslims have been bashing me saying its haram and that its a very big sin.

Do I need to change my name once I convert to Islam?

Im in the process of learning about Islam, i still dont know a lot but I am looking to convert in the near future and would like some help on wether I should change my name or not, and what would be a suitable muslim name if so.

I’m tired, I need a new way of life, a new religion

I’m very tired of being physically, verbally, and sexually abuse/harassed throughout my life. I’m constantly depressed every time. I need a new way of life. I always seek the Bible for help but right now, I’m lost…

I changed my full name, please advise.

I have read that it is haram to change your surname. My concern is that, when I reverted, I changed my name in full. I took my husbands surname as is traditional in the west. I didn´t know any different and I have changed this by deed poll,…

I’m in love with someone but lost him due to my lying & insecurities

I have been with someone the past year. overall i was not good to them. i lied to them a massive amount. i have come to realise i have a problem with lying. i don’t know if i’m a compulsive liar or why i do it but i lie. he was the first person i actually admit all my faults and flaws to, this is the second time i’m openly admitting that yes maybe i’m a compulsive liar. and it’s very hard and sad and hurtful for me to say it. i am but i want to change.

Should I change my daughter’s name? Please advise, thank you

I had a baby girl 3 months ago, and named her Jemima after seeing this name on an Islamic website. I believed it to be an Arabic name meaning ‘little dove’. And I also thought it was the name of Hazrat Ayoub’s daughter. I was questioned about it a couple of times and when I did some research I was not able to find any Islamic reference to this name, only Biblical references.

Do I have to change my last name?

Asalamo Alaikum brothers and sisters. I am a newly Muslim revert and I have a general question regarding my name. My prior name before reverting was Arun Siva. Arun is pretty much pronounced like “Harun” the arabic word for Aaron (mentioned in the Quran). I would like to know if I have to change my last name to something else? I was thinking Harun Syed Rahman. Also, I have to let government and passports know.

We named our daughter Kinza; do we have to change it?

I have an 8 year old daughter. When she was born, we named her Kinza. We found this name in many Islamic books and websites which had a meaning of “hidden treasure”, derived from the Arabic word “KANZ” which appears in the Holy Quran (meaning treasure). However, a few years ago, we read somewhere that the word KANZ actually means the treasure which we keep to ourselves unlawfully and do not pay Zakah on it.