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Can´t help loving him, don´t know what to do

We were together maybe a week or so just texting and video calls. He introduced his siblings (they were younger). He asked me to meet him after college, I simply said no and he was kind of upset that I don’t trust him. I told I did, but I was not comfortable plus I can’t cheat my parents. He understood and promised he won’t ever do that again.

I’m confused – my parents want me to marry this man…

… I have discovered that he smokes and drinks, doesn’t pray, spends time with girls and he even mentioned once that he wanted to get a tattoo.

I can’t find a suitable wife!

My family is looking for a suitable spouse for me and unluckily, I have utterly been very disappointed on looking at the current moral scenario of females.

Should I marry someone I am not attracted to, just because he is good in his deen?

My mother started to tell me if i rejected his proposal without giving him a chance that i would be cursed by Allah…

Cannot decide on two proposals

Adnan came back to me and asked me for marriage. I agreed, and his mother met my family. His mother has already started shopping for the wedding. Yesterday Kashif’s mother called me and apologized to me for her behaviour and asked me to marry Kashif. Now I am very confused, and don’t know what should I do.

A Muslim who does not believe in Allah

Recently one of our family friends introduced her to this person, and the guy started talking to her on phone or chat, he seemed a very nice guy; respectful, humble and all the good traits, but after a couple of weeks he told her that even though his family is Muslim and he is also, he doesn’t believe in Allah SWT.

I want to change my bad character and stop backbiting

I am a reverted Muslim.I Fast and pray five times a day,Believe strongly in Allah. But I have a bad habit of talking at other’s back which may sometimes lead me to trouble…

My husband is not anymore the man I married

We met at a masjid and masha ALLAH he was on the deen, always studying Islam, Quran and hadiths and we use to have long conversations about Islam because we loved to talk about Islam. He was energetic and so pious masha ALLAH, he would lower his gaze automatically when other women come. We also had the same plans in life. I fell in love with him because of his deen, great character, his love for ALLAH and Islam. And not too long after I prayed Istikhara (I wanted to marry him). He ask me to marry him, I was so happy and I accepted and I made sure he knew that all that I want from him is to bring strong Islamic value to the table, he agreed.

If a woman does not wear a burqa, is she bad?

In my family, most of the women wear the burqa. When I was a teenager, they suddenly started forcing me to wear the burqa. They went to everyone’s house and said that I haven’t started wearing so I’m bad. I did not want to be forced into anything, I wished to accept it with my heart.

I suspect that she had relations with men before; should I marry her?

Asalam alaykum, I am 30 years old and am living in UK from last 6 years. I am from India. I have known a Moroccan girl through the internet since about 18 months ago. I really liked her since I met and soon I expressed my feelings. She is from a conservative family. But when I met her in Morocco after 10 months of our first meeting on internet, she tried to get sexual satisfaction from me. I am in state of shock and confusion.