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Secret marriage

I understand man doesn’t need permission from first wife to marry second wife but does he has a right to lie and cheat?

Cheated and betrayed! Please help me

I cry and feel so depressed because I miss her but I can’t talk to her.

What is my mistake?

I prayed a lot but Allah didn’t hear that, because I am born to be a nonmuslim girl.

My mother is going through an affair

She says it is her personal life. My father knows and that’s why they are separated.

Torn between getting divorce or staying married

Now I am confuse with my decisions, I had my career and I can support my children even if without him but there was this hope also that I should try holding on because maybe the second wife will go back to abroad and we can have a happy life again.

Should I take my ex-fiance back into my life?

He has messaged me again asking forgiveness and wants to make things work with me. And he says he will truthful to me. I don’t know what to do. I still feel my heart is attached to him.

Betrayed and cheated. Please help!

He wasted my time and took my money (a huge amount) and played with my emotions and feelings. I am so deeply hurt.

I need a dua or tadbir to bring him back

My bf was cheating on me. He involved his parents and left me. He’s with that girl now.

Should I Pray to Allah to take my revenge from someone who hurt me?

So can I say Allah to take my revenge from him? Can I say that to Allah for a man for hurting me and using me emotionally? I can never forget him and I don’t want him to be back to me ever, but I want Allah to take my revenge from him, so could I say that? Should I say that type of dua for him?

Cheated on my husband, will Allah forgive me?

My husband started his job in the new country and I stayed back for 4 months to close out our affairs. Everything went well until the very last 2 weeks before I was to leave the country to join my husband.