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Cheated on husband before marriage

Before I got married I flirted with some other boys and kissed them. That’s when I was a teenager. I recently told my husband about it, and he doesn’t know if he can accept it. He is talking about divorcing me. What can I do?


Found out boy friend is Married

I feel anger and feel cheated. I want to tell his wife, but I dont want to stay with him. I am trying my best to stop him from contacting me, but I love him so much. When I do see him I feel guilty and bad and utterly sick. I dont know what to do. How can some one be so cruel and selfish.

I haven’t converted yet but I cry to Allah everynight because I cheated so my boyfriend has left me

I dont know why i’m writing on here but i feel so so depressed right now and i have nobody else to turn to. I know i have Allah and i should turn to allah but i feel asif i need a human response, if you know what i mean? I’ve been reading some posts on the site and their are so many sisters who have been through hell and back and i feel for them; my situation seems really petty compared to others. First of all i am not a muslim, and when i was in high school and i had a male friend who is a muslim called R, we’ve been friends for years and one day we got intimate and eventualy we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

He accused me of cheating him and now I can’t move on.

I am having a problem in forgetting my past and moving on with my future. i need your help. I deeply loved my ex. After he proposed he changed a lot he started suspecting me.I tolerated it and explained to him that am not the the type he thinks of. I the 1st place am an orphan i live with my sister am in 29yrs i got a lot of proposals but nothing worked out.So was worried about my life. A girl’s life is not complete without a mahar…

My husband had an affair after 10 years of marriage, should I forgive him?

I’ve been married for 10 years and my husband cheated on me. I thought i had the perfect marriage and i have a beautiful 5 year old, i struggle to forgive him, everyday is like a test. I’ve lost my loving family who care about me, as they want me to leave him. I was pregnant and lost my baby recently, please help me to find an answer…

My husband talking to another woman whilst married

I have been married for Alhumdulillah 14 months, this was not an arranged marriage. At the start of my marriage things had not been easy for me as I had married outside the family. Anyway prior to me, my husband was considering someone else but for some reason he did not proceed with her and married me.

One day, I went through his phone bills and I could not believe what I saw. My husband had kept in contact with the same girl he had once considered for marriage. He gave her the time and day as if she was his wife.

Child born of Zina

Hello, my story/question goes as follows: When I first married my husband I cheated on him for several years. I had become pregnant, I did not know who the child belonged to (my husband or the other person). My husband and I stayed together at first because we were not sure if it was his child or not.

I since have never cheated again and I ask Allah for forgiveness everyday. I also ask forgiveness from my husband. My son is now 6 years old and we found out through DNA test that he is indeed not my husband’s child.