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Stressed and depressed

I just don’t get how he did this and why would he assure me and do so much for me all the time and even meet my family when there on the back he was with that other girl the same way he was with me.

Do I forgive him or not..????

But finally a girl called me and told about her relationship with my bf…
He want to spent his life with that another girl…

Friends with benefits…

We dated for 5 years. In those years he slept with 2 girls. Now he just want to be friends more of a friends with benefit.

I’m depressed and having trouble in letting things go

I’ve decided to not get married forever and dedicate my life to Allah only. I was weak, I couldn’t avoid temptation and now I’ve been in depression that I cannot even forget him for a second.

Heart broken by cheating boyfriend

I love him dearly and want nothing more than to spend my life with him but I feel so betrayed.

What should I do?

I am little tensed what to do – should I break this relation what will I tell him?

I did black magic on my cheating boyfriend

I’m a 22 year old unmarried girl. I’ve done many things which are unlawful in islam. I’ve had sex with my previous two boyfriends, and when the second one cheated on me and refused to marry me I became mentally ill. After some days I went to a person who knows black magic, and he gave me tabijs to use. I […]

Help me get my lost love back

i was in relationship with a guy since last 4 years. he used to chat with other girls and drink. still i thought that may be he really loves me so after all fights he will come to me only. please me some dua were i can pray and to get him back.

My love left me, I don’t know what to do anymore

I am crying now and feeling that I can not bear this again. I just talked to my ex boyfriend about what i am going through I cried over him to ask him to be with me again. But he has a new someone now I know he loves her. I don’t like to say this but she is 10 years elder than him..