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Wife Cheated…

I cannot live without her. However every now and then, her cheating incident comes to my mind and making me restless and with agony.

Married to an unfaithful bisexual man

Under the circumstances what are his rights over me? Am I still obliged to live with him as a wife? Or because of this fraud he has lost rights?

Convert married to Kaffir

He is physically abusive… He continues to do drugs, spend all his time with his friends, fight with me all the time, throws my past in my face and makes no effort to change. He calls himself a Muslim.

Should I live my life with such a liar?

I found she was talking countless boys on facebook and viber…. and all went to some kinda relationship.

Reunited with my husband, but he won’t support me or our son

I need him to support us, but my husband doesn’t understand… he’s been living a single life for the past 2 years.

My mom’s in love with another man

They started to fall in love. Meanwhile my mom’s relationship with my dad was getting destroyed.

He is cheating on me, should I inform my parents?

he receives a particular call far away from me, hides his phone when ever she calls and we r together. i asked him why and who she was and he told me she’s just a friend and some lies. Yesterday saw a note in his wallet with her name signed under it and “love a l’inffini”.

I can forgive him, but how can I forget how he cheated?

He says he loves me, but I know he was in love with her. Can a person be in love with two people at the same time? How can I learn to trust him again, how can I not think every time we are together that maybe he wishes he was still with her. I am devastated by this. I am afraid he will not be happy like he was before.

Is marriage valid after husband fornicated with another woman before marriage?

I hate my life, I am living with inlaws and trying to make my husband and his family happy but how can I do this when my husband cannot be loyal and lower his gaze and leave his past. I have had family meetings where he has said he wont do these stuff again [approach girls] but 2-3 months later he is at it again.

Just discovered my husband has been cheating, don’t know what to do

I saw my husband’s account a few days ago and was shocked to find out that he had a secret affair with a girl. I cant believe …i thought he has just drinking problem.