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Wife Cheated…

I cannot live without her. However every now and then, her cheating incident comes to my mind and making me restless and with agony.

Should I live my life with such a liar?

I found she was talking countless boys on facebook and viber…. and all went to some kinda relationship.

Second marriage after being cheated on by wife

Am I thinking on right track lines for having second wife a practicing Muslima in order to bring some consolation for myself? I also know that being a practicing Muslim I will have to do justice with both and InshaAllah I will try my best to do justice.

My wife committed adultery

I showed her nude pictures to her family and told my parents. She keeps crying all day now because she thinks everyone hates her.

My wife is cheating on me

I have files on her having internet sex “cybersex” with 7 other men and when I confronted her about all these men she said it was ok to do this under Islam law.

I will kill myself or kill him…

My wife cheated on me. I will kill myself or kill the man. Please help me.

Wife cheated on me twice what should I do now?

My wife cheated on me I don’t know how many times. I am very upset, hurt, cannot eat and sleep.

My wife kissed my brother

From the time I have come to know about this, my love for her is totally dead. Although she still claims that it was just a mistake and she still loves me, but for me I have zero respect and love for her. If she loved me then that incident would never have taken place.

My wife cheats on me

She is cheating, hurting me. I have so many trouble in my life coz her love and sex for others. This trouble is so painful…

Can I marry my married lover?

Her husband is not aware of our relation. She is also willing to leave her 5 year old baby and family for me… Can I marry her and will it be fair?