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My boyfriend abandoned me when he found out I am pregnant

He doesn’t want to be involved in the baby’s care, and would like termination of the pregnancy. If baby is not terminated, he says he will not pay child support.

What are his rights?

I am thinking to stop seeing him for once and all, unless he recognizes the child as his.. but I do not wish to take that step forcefully.

Abandoned after he got me pregnant

Salamaikum, I was working when I meet a pakistani guy through my friends. I have muslim friends who are good and kind people.  He was being nice and invited us to his home for party, and that started our short relationship. We got into sex, and out of curiosity he let me try to smoke […]

Questions about husband not finanicially supporting son.

I have a salary which is just enough for our expenses. I cannot even go anymore for medical check-ups or have much more to save. I’m afraid of something happened to me or my son here, then who will support us? If something happened to me, will he just happily take my son without the sacrifice?

Is he required to maintan support for the children after an annullment?

The Fatwa has annulled my marriage to him. A case is against him is in civil court under violence against women. My question to you is, am I entitled for maintenance for my kids upbringing as per the Islamic law?

Am I divorced?

My husband sent me divorce papers. 4 months have lapsed he has not provided me of children with any financial support, took my gold jewellery and money from bank all savings put injunction on saving and now wants to reconcile. I can’t trust him, but am I divorced as 4 months have lapsed?