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Life has become extremely painful…

I’ve been abused a lot in my childhood and it now affects me mentally.

Dua to get seriously ill or die?

Anything will be better than going against my parents or breaking this guys heart.

Has the sun already risen from the west for me?

Because no matter how many time I cry for forgiveness, I am still being hated by everyone. I feel like it will last forever.

I need help to take my next step in breaking free

I was misused in my past by a family member. Please show me a way how can I move on and how can I hide all my past from that person who marry with me.

Getting married after childhood abuse

Is it something I should tell him before marriage or wait till we’re married? My fear with telling him after a nikkah is that he would feel that I wasn’t completely upfront with him.

Feeling very depressed once again today. Past sins and terribly narcissistic parents. Do all parents hold grudges with their child?

Tell me why I can’t stop thinking this part and is this kind of treatment from parents normal for girls that rebelled in teenage years. If my mother knows then do I deserve the abuse?

He blackmailed me and made my life hell

He started blackmailing me that he would put pictures of me on the internet if I don’t marry him.

Abused by my brother

He raped me when I was 12.

My father and brother sexually abused me

If it is not haraam I will feel better that I can just live my life and block him out. But if it is haraam I need to know and any advice of how I should deal with it.

Cheated, hurt and abandoned!!

Does Islam allow us to harm or hurt the people who hurt us… I am so depressed and angry that I want to punish them.