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Should I go for divorce or not?

I have tried to talk to him but he calls me psycho and drama if I talk about kids and living together.

I want to Marry an already married Girl/woman

The only thing she is afraid of is the Bad’duah of her husband, that what if he gave her a bad’duah or what if the ALLAH’s wrath came upon her after getting divorced.

Are we able to adopt?

We have looked into adoption and have been told it is not permitted for us… does anyone know of adoptions we are allowed to have?

Should we divorce or should husband re-marry because we haven’t got a child?

We are married for nine years, but we haven’t got any child and we both thinking where our relationship is going? No baby. He loves me alot and I love him too, I can’t live without him. I am the one who gave suggestion to my husband to give me divorce, may be because I can’t give him a child and start new life, or getting married with another girl.

Need advice on adopting a child in the US

I’m a Muslim woman of Turkish/Egyptian heritage and my husband is an observant revert to Islam of Irish/English heritage. We live in New York in the US and we are childless. We are unable to have children of our own and I suppose we never will. We are seeking a child to adopt ASAP.