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I’m perplexed

I’m worried how my husband will treat me as my dad shouts at my mom, abuses her verbally… I don’t want a man like my father to be my husband.

I want to marry a girl who is Islamic scholar

My parents are tired looking for girl as I like, they are forcing me now marry general educated girl, but I am absolutely not interested about general educated girls.

My family are not letting me marry the girl I want!

I don’t want my relationship with my family to be bad because of a girl but at the same time I love this girl and I can’t let her go.

I want to get married but I’m scared

After reading posts here I’m totally lost, shattered and very much scared to trust a person. I was thinking that Muslims can never cheat… I have lost hope of getting a person who can guide me in this world so as to reach Jannah…..

Should I mention this when looking for a husband?

I am scared I may end up stuck in a marriage where I am sexually unsatisfied.

My love and marriage issue….please guide me

I have been suffering from mental trauma, reason being love and marriage concern.

A Question about Spouse Selection

When looking for a wife, how should I balance between piety and beauty (piety is more important to me than beauty, but I do prefer some beauty)? What type of woman should I get married to? Is it okay for me to make Du’a to Allah for a wife who is not only pious but also beautiful?

Proposal from an Alim – not sure what to do.

He is very religious, but he has only studied up til O’Levels. I want my husband to be highly educated and balanced in both deen and worldly education.

How can I convince my parents to accept the man I want to marry?

Assalamu alaikum,

I am a 19 year old girl who is intending to marry a man who is 15 years older than me and has been a divorced and has got two kids, I have known him for nearly 5 years now and have fallen madly in love with since I think he is very mature and has guided me in a lot of bad things I got into in my teenage life. He too is a Muslim and an Indian same as me but my parents strongly disagree of him as he has got some past bad experiences with my Dad and also due to the fact that he is so much older and has got 2 kids.

Am I wrong to reject a proposal based on what the man does for a living?

I am a 28yr old girl, single. In my student life I didn’t get into any relationship with any guy (even though I had people who were interested in me) because I know it is forbidden. Friends all around me got into such forbidden relations & are now married.