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I’m very worried

I have a Christian girlfriend. She’s pregnant and we are keeping the baby.

Marriage Between Christian and Muslim?

According to the Islam, does my family has right to forbid while religion allows us? Is there any sin for me and my family if I break her heart only because she is not arab?

In love, but she wants me to become Christian

Her mom is very influential in her life, and only wants her to marry a Christian man (which she did before, but they divorced two years later). I wanted to stop talking to her, but she doesn’t want me to do so. She keeps saying that she loves me and wants to be with me, so I don’t what to do now.

She’s not Muslim and has had many lovers, I have some insecurities

I’m about to marry a non Muslim woman. She belongs to the People of the Book. She is not virgin and she had a lot of lovers.

How should I deal with my brother’s secret child?

My brother had premartial sex with his then girlfriend and got her pregnant. Now he has a daughter who is the age of 2. His girlfriend is Christian which means that he can marry her but he is no longer with her. Also he has been hiding this from my parents ever since it happened

How can I make this relationship work?

Dear brothers and sisters, I’m in need of a advice. Since my teens years I have been involved in wrong. A year and a half ago I met a very nice Christian girl and we started dating. Early on in our relationship I told her religion will be a problem and she said she would convert if I told her more about religion and if he she thought it was best for her. So we dated and were happy and planned to get married all along.

Can I marry my Christian girlfriend online?

Can I marry my girlfriend online? She is a Christian woman and I am Muslim.

Can A Muslim Man Marry a Christian Woman?

I have a Muslim lover. Do we have a chance to get married? I am a Christian girl and he is a Pakistani man.

Boyfriend wants me to convert but he has bad habits

My boyfriend wants me to convert to Islam. I am willing to look in to Islam just for my boyfriend but I don’t find the motivation in my boyfriend’s character or behaviours towards me or other human beings.

I’m white and Christian and my boyfriend’s Pakistani parents refuse to let him marry me

I am 26, Christian and white. By boyfriend is 30 years old and Pakistani Muslim. We met here in Canada and he has been living here with his family for 13 years.

He and I met online and both felt the overwhelming feeling that we had found “the one” after our first date. We have been together for 5 months and are seriously discussing marriage. My parents (white) are fine with the situation. His parents (brown) are freaking out and refusing to even meet me.