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Do I have to convert to Islam to marry Pakistani guy?

He wants to marry me after he finishes his studies. Do I need to convert?

I’m 18, met a scuba instructor on holiday and fell in love

I have just got home from my holiday in Egypt, where i met the most amazing guy ever (he worked at the scuba center at the hotel). He is muslim and i am from england, I am christian although i don’t go to church, (only for weddings, funerals and christenings.) I arrived back home early this morning, but miss him like crazy.

I’m Christian, he’s Muslim and I want to marry him

I am a Christian woman. I am in love with a muslim guy. I must tell you that both our families have brought us up telling that we should not leave our caste. Both of us did live up to it, till we started to love each other. I really love this muslim guy from the bottom of my heart. WHAT DO I DO? I cant think of me with another guy and he with another girl.