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How to win over the solitude?

Time goes on and I remain alone. Every day my life gets harder and harder. I talk to myself. I talk to Allah; but not with my family, not with my friends, and not with my muslims brothers. There was a believer who helped me, but only when he has time so he stopped helping me. I tried to know more people. I go to mosque to pray even if it’s far away from my city. And yet, even there nobody wants to help me.


Young Single Christian Mum – Muslim Father, Muslim Son

Salaams People,

I’m a 21 year old Christian but I’ve got a child from a Muslim guy. My son is Muslim as well.

I love them both with all my heart, I need advice so badly.

My boyfriend and I are two years together. After we had our son, he changed a lot in a bad way. We never really see him as he spends most of his time with his friends.