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My Wife Loves Another Man

She will not give up her lover unless I give up my second wife, she does not accept any arguments based on Islam she simply says “That is your religion, not mine”.

Muslim – Christian wedding ceremony

I am a Christian, I am marrying a Muslim man. We’re both in love and we decided to raise our kids in the Muslim faith. My wedding is next year and we’re having some conflicts planning the wedding.

Christian wife is trying to force me to leave Islam

Salam and Hi Everyone,

First of all I love my wife .We been married now 7 years. There are some times when we argue about things but we solve them with our love. Sometimes she don’t trust me and she asks me some questions that I know its going to hurt her, and other times she believes that I go quiet and did not answer her questions. I just tell her that I love you and then she and I stop talking for two to three days and then it come to normal as I start talking to her first sometime she start first.

can a muslim man marry a christian woman?

can a muslim man marry a christian woman without her converting to islam?

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