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Christian woman and Pakistani Muslim man – Should I Proceed?

He said he can’t marry me because I’m Christian, then he changed his mind. I’m not sure whether to proceed.

I’m a Catholic Filipina, he’s an Indian Muslim – Can it Work?

Hi, I am a Filipina, I have a boyfriend who happens to be an Indian. Do you think it is possible for him to really marry me? Is a religion really an issue always with regard to marrying the person you respect the most?

I am in love with a Muslim man who loves me but his mother is not happy

I am a divorced christian woman with two children. My Muslim friend and I are in love he told his mother she said she will not talk to him if he will marry me. He loves my children, they love him, I love him, she accepts that I am a christian. When he told her of my two children she told him it could not work.

жениться на христианке (She wants to convert, can I marry her?)

I am a Muslim, I want to marry a Christian woman but she also wants to take Islam. My parents are against. Can I marry her?

Afraid of losing our son and brother to the Christian way of being

My youngest brother, now 26 years old, has had a difficult time keeping his faith in Western society. He has faced many battles and temptations, and with Allah’s (SWAT) help he has successfully overcame some of his greatest troubles. He has been dating a young lady for five years.

Expecting a child with a non-Muslim woman, should I marry her?

I am a Muslim man living in the United States of America. I was born and raised Muslim. Like many other unfortunate Muslim brothers here, I fell for the worldly temptations and allowed the shaytan to lead me astray. I am currently expecting a child with a Non-Muslim woman. We are not married. She is a devout Christian woman. Is it permissible for me to marry her? Or do I leave her and the child alone?

can a muslim man marry a christian woman?

can a muslim man marry a christian woman without her converting to islam?

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