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I got hepatitis B virus – any advice for marriage?

This was given to me by Allah’s plan then there must be a wisdom. So what step can I put next?

My husband and in-laws are still treating me badly…

He’s turned this marriage into a joke. I just cry and cry myself to sleep sometimes due to my bodily pain and sometimes because of his beaviour.

Marriage with a sick person

He told me about his illness and health – any miracle can happen but he’s not sure and his life is not strong.

Death with dignity?

They have been told by their doctor that he cannot ever expect to be better… What are the Muslim teachings about this? Is there some permission to allow a dying person “death with dignity”?

Chronic illness and desire to get married

Being ill doesn’t make you immune from falling in love…

Chronically ill – should I marry?

I have chronic renal failure stage 3. Doctors say I can marry but I will need a transplant to survive in future. I fell in love with a US-based indian girl on Internet a year back. We shared a lot of dreams and promised each other the world. She was ok with my illness.