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The “New Hijab” styles

I have been thinking about the different types of hijab styles there are in the world/social media…

Can a man keep a woman as concubine whom he feeds, clothes and provides shelter?

A girl who live like a slave with a man. He feeds her, gives her clothes, money and all things but if man does intercourse with this girl will it be zina or rape- or will it be Halal? Talk2Farhan.

Are my actions and dress sense haram?

I’m Zaynab I’m 14 I’m not that religious honestly but I am trying to be a better person I wear tight jeans with hijab and makeup but very light I do feel guilty

Can I relax my clothing when I am home alone?

I’m a married woman and me and my hubby live at an apartment all alone. I pretty much stay at home all day long and do chores and all.

If a woman does not wear a burqa, is she bad?

In my family, most of the women wear the burqa. When I was a teenager, they suddenly started forcing me to wear the burqa. They went to everyone’s house and said that I haven’t started wearing so I’m bad. I did not want to be forced into anything, I wished to accept it with my heart.

I’m a girl in 9th grade, can I still wear skinny jeans to school?


I’m kinda new to this I’ve never done anything like this but I have so many questions regarding the hijab and stuff like that.

What can Muslim teens wear and still be fashionable?

i just want to ask what can muslim teens wear but still be wearing the fashion? like skinny jeans, or styles like hiphop and punk and emo but not too extreme? please try to answer my question because its really important to me.