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Marriage without love

I have done everything I could to make my marriage work… even after being mistreated mentally torturing and sometimes beaten.

Husband mistreats me but says he loves me

My problem is that I have been married now for 6 months only. My husband is from other country and I am arab. At the beginning he was fighting and too eager we will be together after marriage he changes a lot. He keeps away, even our intimate relationship changed, it seems he is not interested in sex with me at all. Sometimes even when I approach he pushes me and saying he is stressed in work and tired and it’s late when he can do ghusl and so on.

Does My Husband Love His Other Wife More?

I have been married for 10yrs, My husband married another woman 7yrs ago in his country and that’s where she lives and he only sees her every 2 to 3 yrs. He has told me so much about her about when he took her virginity what she did and told me she was better then me, a better mother…

How can I get my husband to love me

I’ve been married for 7 months now and i am 21 my husband is 31 and he came to ask for my hand twice and the second time i agreed. while we were engaged he was in love with me and said dont change. i havent changed at all but he begun to change after his mom got involved with us he changed 100 percent…

My husband makes me feel like I’m not good enough

My problem might not be as big as others, but it is disturbing me. My sisters friend hooked her brother and I together. We didn’t know each other we just use to chat on online every now and then. After a year we ended up married. We just made 6 months, and I’m not that satisfied.

I want to move back home, but husband is refusing.

I had an arranged marriage at 19 years of age. My husband who is from Pakistan is very traditional whereas, I am more western in my values. When we first spoke I was happy in that we shared much in common and I was happy in marrying him the only problem was..

My husband puts me down and treats me like he hates me

He would always talk of other girls compare me put me down at the time i didn’t really notice how much is going to break me but it hurts me so much I used to hide my feelings do it back as he made me feel so low in front of hes friend he brags about how he slept with all these prostitutes like is something amazing he did I admit im not perfect either as I used to answer back be mean at times..

His cold-heartedness is killing me

I got married not 2 long ago. My Husband gave me an std from his past. Few days ago I forgave him. (it wasn’t easy). I have more compassion for him than he has for me. Im in a deep depression and my anger doesn’t decrease..

I feel like death would have been easier

I have a dream on my wedding night in which I was told I will face many tests in my marriage from God and that I must be patient. Many years have passed since then, and yes, I have been tested to my utmost limit from the very first month since my wedding. My husband has been having multiple online and emotional affairs.

He is violent and blame it on me.

I have been married to my husband for 5 years and have two little girls with him. From the start he has been lying to me about things to talk very disrespectful to me..