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Joking In Islam

In recent days I came to know that whoever makes jokes about ALLAH or Anything Related To ALLAH is nullified from the Islam.

I need help coming back to the right path

A fight made me realise my worth in his life, and made me want to change my lifestyle.

I committed Zina and feel incredibly ashamed and guilty

I want to come back to my religion and regain my imaan. Will God ever forgive me for what I have done?

I need help bringing my daughter back to Islam

On occasions she would say that the things I send her about Islam makes her feel peaceful but I believe her disease has gotten the best of her.

Drugs, Zina, Apostasy and Shame!

We begged her to come home to live right and to stop taking drugs but she wouldn’t budge and then she turned to Christianity, going to church etc!

Is it love or just lust?

Every time I found something new about Islam I regretted the fact that I lost someone like him because everything he said was right.

Love, Marriage and Reverting to Islam

I feel like Islam is in my blood… I’m on a journey to return home. I’m in love with a young man and I want him to return to his path as a Muslim.