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Problems with my co-wife

What should I do regarding my relationship with my husband.  I am not interested in having a friendship with this woman, and I don’t like the how he has handled the situation.

My husband is a borderline and my in-laws are just worsening it

My husband is a victim of borderline personality disorder due to which our relationship is terrible.

My husband does not listen to me and says I argue all the time

l just want to be able to talk to my husband openly and freely without all the animosity. How do I do this?

I am not happy with my husband

My husband has made me lie to council and say I am a single mother… If he doesn’t physically hit me he will abuse me verbally.

No communication with my husband!

He leaves the house for 1-2 hours, doesn’t tell me where he’s going, completely disappears…

Problems in my family over the past year

Now we don’t have any communication….they both live for each other and I’ve been left alone.

Fighting is tearing my husband’s family apart!

They are blaming me for everything and are spreading false accusations about me amongst their relatives. I’m really hurt by this. I always wanted to settle the dispute between them.

Is my husband normal?

We have been married for almost 1.5 years… Overall I am very frustrated and don’t know what to do.

Visa rejected, unhappy in my marriage… What to do?

All my friends are happily settled with their families and raising their babies, while I’m still married but living single in my parents home and I’m honestly not happy.

Woman’s instinct telling me things are wrong in our marriage

I don’t want to have to divorce but I can’t live with lies.