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My parents were impatient to get me “married off.”

My parents said that he cannot provide for me and so they can’t let me marry him…is this valid as per shariah?

Marriage Advice – should I marry him?

Lately I have been feeling doubts which have been causing me anxiety and I’m not sure if this is an answer to my istikhara?

Should I marry my cousin? Who’s not at all compatible and neither a nice person?

He went back to Pakistan and started again his life with Guns and Pistols… I deserve much better person than him and even my mother knows that, than how can she expect me to marry him?

Confused about choosing a spouse

I am asking for your advice on whether I should approach my cousin or continue searching for a better match?

Two proposals from very different men… Which is right for me?

How important is compatibility, likability and acceptance before marriage? What should I do?

It seems impossible to find a good muslim spouse

It just seems to me that it’s impossible to find a good muslim wife because dating is haram, I’m not going through my parents again and their are no real opportunities to meet a good muslim woman that I know of.

Newly married, but struggling

I believe my husband loves me, but he is not as in love with me as he would like to be. He told me this. This has left him frustrated and scared. He thinks we don’t match. He wants it to work, but can’t seem to understand that requires true work on both sides, not just half hearted attempts. I love him and am still very drawn to him.

I like someone; what’s the right way to pursue marriage?

His family and him are now in the process of finding another suitable wife, and it pains me everytime I hear my own mom say that she will help them in finding someone for him too. They always talk about his next marriage around me, but have never considered me, and this is really hard to listen to and cope with, but I am trying my best to be patient.

I left my house and took a shelter

She discovered that we still talk to each other and she decided to return me back home and quit my education. Before she does that I left the house and I am at a shelter.

I was engaged to him 3 years ago; now I don’t want to marry him

I understand he is perfect and the ideal Muslim husband but what’s the point if I’m not happy. Do you think I should go on with this engagement if I haven’t been comfortable with this whole thing since day one? What do I do?