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Too Much Control

I have been in this marriage for 3 years. As soon as I converted the rules started to come down hard on me.

To divorce or not – there are kids involved?

I had automatically thought that it’s divorce for me. But really I don’t want to lose my husband. Yes he didn’t treat me well but it was all because of his mum.

My husband is stubborn

Now I know my hubby can’t afford a house as he is jobless but my dad offered him to ask for months and search a house. He didn’t agree.

I hate my life…

I hate myself and my life, if it wasn’t for the fact that my parents would probably not like it if I committed suicide I would do it. I’m living in a Hell on Earth where bad people/Muslims get rewarded by Allah.

My mum is not grateful for the food we cook

My mum doesn’t appreciate what Allah has given her. She always complains about the food we cook and does not say Alhamdulillah.