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Self esteem of being a Muslimah

How to know if one has low self esteem being a Muslimah and how can a woman avoid it?

Suffering from Poor Self-Esteem which is drastically affecting me emotionally

It sabotages my inner happiness and keep me from living and enjoying in the present moment. I fear too much about rejection, failure, and negative judgment.

A woman is a woman, be it any age…

A woman is a woman, be it any age. And Islam has given right to her, in all aspects. Kindly advise…

Feeling very shy and alone

Why this is happening, is this my mistake or is given by God? And what can I do to make myself better and make new friends? I feel very lonely too.

dua for admission to med school

I remember I used to be proud of myself that I was good at school, but I know the truth and I see no future in myself anymore. Those who did not like school have gone further than me, but I never gave up hope. I cried myself to sleep every night and sometimes now also, but I know that Allah hears.

Wearing Hijaab with confidence

I am not planning on stopping wearing a Hijaab, but I just feel that people don’t see me anymore. Any advice to help my mind stop having negative thoughts about this?

Can I marry a girl who is taller than me?

I am 21 years old boy. I am short in height. My height is 5 feet 1 inch. For this I got into many harassment. I pray to Allah for this. So there you see, I love a girl. I think she is a good girl. I am shorter than her.

Divorced man seeking marriage again

I need help regarding marriage, I was divorced and now my parents want me to marry again. I went to my native country where most of the families had a problem with my divorce and the fact that I have a boy who is 5 now.

How do you ensure your fiancee/wife isn’t forced into marriage?

I am a young muslim man on the verge of marriage, literally weeks away, it will be an arranged marriage through my parents of course, everything is Islamically halal at least on my side of things.