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Very disrespectful son/brother

Should he be thrown out of the house?

Problems in my family over the past year

Now we don’t have any communication….they both live for each other and I’ve been left alone.

Should I miss the wedding or go into debt to please my husband’s family?

My husband’s two brothers are getting married and I can’t afford to go… I got mortgage to pay and people’s debt… My husband’s willing to take more money off people but how are we going to pay it off……?

Wife and mother-in-law don’t get along: is it black magic?

I just want peace. I don’t expect anything from either of them, just love and unity. How can I get through this? I need proper help because I am really fed up with this issue. I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Sister in Law – Mother in Law Problems

My SIL got married after me and still lives with us. She does not go to her husband’s place because she can’t adjust over there. I have two daughters Allhamdullilah, and she has a daughter and now just gave birth to a son which has created a rift between me and my MIL.

Am I wrong for wanting to leave my loveless marriage?


I have been married for the past 18 years it was an arranged marriage. I have struggled with my feelings for such a long time and tried and prayed to Allah (SWT) to help me love my husband but it has never happened.

I married a Muslim girl the Hindu way, now our families are keeping us separate


Firstly I would like to say that I would not want to hurt any one’s religious sentiments.

I have been in love with a Muslim girl for last 3 years. She was very pretty and beautiful. We loved each other very much. But due to her family, her life was threatened and she became in danger.

How do I manage my wife’s bad behaviour?

I want to share my entire situation so that I would tell you the better question which I am suffering from. My wife was already divorced of six year relationship with her ex before I got married. She was a sterility patient and I knew this very well.

How can I have a happy relationship when I am so bitter about my sacrifices?

I am a person who used to be very sociable. I used to hang out a lot with friends, family, cousins and more. Eight years ago a man entered my life. Since I said yes to him, people that were close to me become my enemies. He is not a bad guy at all he is Muslim and has no bad habits at all

Wife wants a separate house, having conflicts with my parents

My wedding is three plus years old. I have two children. My Wife had some issue with my Mom on simple talks which we men don’t take it seriously but they do. She has left me and has gone to her parents and now demanding separate house. But i cannot leave my parents as there is no one to take care of them and they are in old age too. My two elder brothers are abroad so i have a big responsibility now.