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Recently separated and pregnant

I have this problem with my husband. We’ve been married for 2 years and have a 2 year old son. We were seperated few weeks ago but now I have found out that I am pregnant. My husband says to get an abortion.

Christian wife is trying to force me to leave Islam

Salam and Hi Everyone,

First of all I love my wife .We been married now 7 years. There are some times when we argue about things but we solve them with our love. Sometimes she don’t trust me and she asks me some questions that I know its going to hurt her, and other times she believes that I go quiet and did not answer her questions. I just tell her that I love you and then she and I stop talking for two to three days and then it come to normal as I start talking to her first sometime she start first.

Islam and transgender

I am 29 years old male and straight by orientation. I feel that I am a female trapped in a male body. I guess i am transgender. I am in a conflict since my feelings, and perceptions are feminine. I am a confused a lot.

Parents set us up for marriage, we fell in love and they changed their minds

Last year around March 2009, my uncle (mother’s brother) told my parents about a boy that they wanted to introduce to me. His name is L***,he is 25 years old and lives in XYZ . My parents agreed to this and I did as well and we started communicating via email and phone.

His first wife has discovered our secret marriage and is asking for a divorce

I am the second wife of a Muslim man, I am also Muslim, ours was a love marriage. Our marriage was kept secret from his first wife and his parents. However, recently his first wife came to know about me and she now wants to divorce him.

Married and losing faith as a result

I am married to a very decent Muslim man. When we met, I was not a very observant Muslim – actually, I have since realised that most of my behaviours came from Christianity – showing love to all, being a good person, etc. But I have found my in-laws to be full of hatred towards others – they have not one good word to say about anyone.