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Hearing voices, black magic and mind-reading

I started hearing voices in my head. Usually screams, something screaming inside my head, constantly.

Troubled by past relationship.

However, let’s assume for argument sake that there is someone who doesn’t mind that their love is not being reciprocated or appreciated, how would that make me any good? How can I change the way I feel about this girl? What can I do?

Is head covering obligatory for Muslimahs and how can I improve my faith?

recently i find it difficult to pray,concentrate.there is no khushu..cant concentrate..after prayer i normally fall in sajud n talk to ALLAH(SWT)..but now i find no interest even don’t feel like reciting the Quran:(.. ive always noticed that after my menstruation I feel no interest on coming closer to Allah. why is that?

Reintegrating a homosexual into Islam

Please, on this worldwide web where there are more voices telling me to “come back out” than there are to make tawbah, tell me how you believe I can repent from my sins truly and sincerely (since the thoughts still keep approaching me), how I can overcome my fear of going to the masjid so that I can pray amongst men rather than hiding in my room from what I believe to be the judgement of my brothers, how I can turn what is a small but growing love of Allah into a permanent protection from displeasing him.

Should I go with results of istikhara or listen to my heart

again i had a bad dream as if i m struck in mud and as if i m returning back sumthing that i hv bought in hurry and now turns out to be bad. the guy still claims to be very sincere wid me and my heart has varing thoughts… should i go for the result of itekhara or listen to whats in my heart. i have faith in ALmighty he ill do the best for me.