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I am pregnant, my boyfriend who is still in jail, wants me to abort the child

I know I’ve committed a big sin by getting pregnant, but I don’t want to commit a bigger sin by killing the baby.

Pregnant before marriage – is abortion an option?

I decided to leave him for the sake of family and Allah but then realised I’m pregnant with his child. I cannot leave my parents for him. Is abortion an option?

Do I abort for the sake of my mother?

I am 6weeks pregnant. Do I abort for the sake of my mother or do I leave home and raise the child with my partner?

My fiancé wants me to get an abortion

My fiance says the baby is a mistake and we can have other children after we marry.

Seventeen, pregnant and suicidal… Considering abortion

I know if I abort I’m going to regret it but I’m very suicidal and carrying someone’s baby I hate is pushing me over the edge.

Pregnancy out of wedlock with nonmuslim

The girlfriend thinks it’s a lose-lose situation and it’s best to abort the baby and leave the boyfriend and hope she can get back on the right path of Islam.

I’m pregnant and dont know what to do…

I found out that I am pregnant. He told me “I don’t want you to have this child”. Sometimes I think I should have an abortion…

Wondering about abortion?

In last delivery I got complications. Can we abort this baby?

I’m pregnant by a non-Muslim and considering abortion

I have a boyfriend and now i am pregnant but he is not Muslim. I have been thinking about abortion but it’s is a very hard decision