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Confused about my marriage

I was forced into this marriage. My husband has been mentally abusing me every day.

Wife struggling as husband is unjust with his time as he has two wives

Should I apply for a khulla? As I clearly have no proper time in my marriage and my husband does whatever he wants regardless of my feelings.

Need help to take decision for khula

He has been cruel both physically, emotionally, verbally… I cannot live a life where I hate my husband.

In Polygamy, pregnant, and abandoned

Am I wrong to seek a khula in this situation? He has acknowledged his wrong in all of this, yet has made no effort to rectify the situation. Our needs go unmet, since our family is out of sight/out of mind.

My husband was involved in drugs and crime – but he says he’s changed now…

I’ve lost all respect for him and wonder if I made the right decision by taking him back. Is my son enough reason for me to stay? Will my hubby go back to his ways or has he really changed now?

I’m not attracted to my husband

If I take khula, would it be a sin? Whenever I see him, I feel sad.