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Istakhara dream interpretation

Here were some of the things that I saw during my 7 days of istakhara…

Love him but he is not religious

He said he will try to learn and change but somehow i have this annoying feeling that won’t go away that he might not be the one.

Need advice before marriage

I have a scar… How am I supposed to disclose this to a sister before marriage?

Should I ask her about her past in detail?

I want to get know about her everything… will it be good for me to get know about her past?

Istikarah dream meaning

Can you please interpret this for me.

Why did my suitor ask for these details?

Can you advise if there is any true Islamic basis for this… I do not want to consider a guy for marriage if he is involved in bidat or innovation.

Loving Someone in a wrong time

I would like to share my story and be enlightened with advice…

Zina and Marriage

Is it permissible in Islam to marry a girl who committed Zina with another man previously?

Should i marry this muslim man with gender dysphoria? Islamic view point?

Will I be completing his Deen or doing a good deed helping him fight shaytaan? Should I involve parents? Should I end this?

In need of istikhara advice

I need istikhara from you brothers and sisters who have experience in such cases…