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A relationship with a girl I wish to marry in future

Can I still marry her after chatting and saying I love you?


I don’t understand the method of liking someone for marriage in Islam

If a person have deficiency or is disabled then there are 90% chances they would not be accepted by a normal person. But there are stories about such people finding beautiful and caring partners…

Does a hug or a kiss come under zina?

My mother wants to get me engaged to my cousin even his mother wants us both to get engaged in future. I really love him and he do really love me truly too. Is this a sin that we are doing by hugging each other while we are true with each other?

Waiting for a proposal but not sure if it will come

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam….

Please help me. I am in a state of turmoil, very much confused. I am 28years old and I have never been in any relationship. I have always been proud of that fact. I have never held a mans hand, been on a date and definitely never been kissed. I have always wanted to have my husband to be the first in everything as pertained in Islam.