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In an abusive marriage, contemplating divorce, worried about kids’ future.

Soon after the wedding, I came to know that my husband was forced into this marriage by his mother and he actually didn’t like me. I’m staying in this marriage just for my kids, though I wonder whether it’s a valid reason for me to continue in this abusive relationship. I’m so worried about the future of my kids and am feeling guilty for contemplating a divorce.

My husband betrayed and lied to me; I don’t know what to do? Please advise me according to Islam.

am not sure what to do as I am young and don’t want to live with an aggresive controlling liar, but he is my husband after all! I was wondering in Islam what I should do? like I said I can’t seem to forgive him for the other child and have so much anger for him because of that.

Contemplating divorce due to absence of intimacy in Marriage

I even became very depressed and attempted suicide. Still my wife does not change. I don’t know what to do. I am miserable in my marriage but will be miserable being thousands of miles away from my daughter if we get divorced. We have tried marriage counseling and it did not help.

Father distressed about seperation from daughter

I am in a terrible situation where I have seperated from my wife who also has my 18 month old daughter with her. I have tried to make things work but we are just not compatible. Maybe it is because of how our relationship started.I was married to another girl and while married to her I got married to my second wife who got pregnant. If I divorce my second wife, what will be my rights as a father?

Confused about my abusive husband’s behaviour

Salaam, Im a revert, Allah SWT blessed me with this beautiful religion in the form of marriage to a muslim man, I was christian beforehand.We got married, but my problems started immediately after marriage. He turned into this man whom I never knew at all. He started being rude, shouting at me and getting angry over small issues. i feel unsafe when he gets angry. Once he caught me by my neck and tried to choke me.

My husband is losing his faith

Assalamu allaikum, I need a reply based on Islam. I muslim married to Christian guy after his conversion to Islam by nikah. He was following Islam as far as he can by Sallat, Fasting etc. He told me and my Guardian that he wants to conceal it till the end of his parents (may Allah […]

I dont want to divorce my husband but I am also scared of giving him another chance

I had a nikkah over the phone and had only met my husband after I had the nikkah since he lived in pakistan and I live in the UK. This was an arranged marriage. I had seen his picture and had spoken to him over the phone. Since my parents knew the family so well and my in laws seemed so nice I thought my parents made the right decision

Not sure what to do about my husband

Salam alaykum

I have been married for 5 years now, and I feel our relationship has got nowhere. My husband has been physically abusive and has asked for forgiveness and I’ve accepted. And then it happens again! For the last few years of our marriage he has also started gambling and I am now in debt from bailing him out.