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My enraged husband has abandoned me at my parents’ place!

My husband went into a rage whenever I brought up the idea of visiting my parents. Now, he’s flipped a switch and abandoned me at my parents’ while I’m having a miscarriage!

My wife won’t listen to me anymore

I wanted my wife to leave her job as it has been creating issues in our marriage because she’s always tired, but her mother has said to me that she will not leave her job and if that’s the case then she will not tolerate this for her daughter. I have a young son and I am not able to see him. I love my wife and want her back, and always gave her everything she desired, but her mum has influenced her and she has become very hurtful towards me.

He says I am not good enough as I am, that I need to change

Sometimes I think about just giving up on my dreams and marrying someone who wants me to stay home and be a house wife but then I don’t want to live a life of my mother as her life is not that beautiful either.