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Trust issue with fiance

My fiance kept texting and calling me on daily basis. After the first day itself he started talking about other beautiful girls he met and saw on the road.

He’s changed after engagement… what to do?

Recently our parents got involved for our marriage…. but now he seems to dominate me… He behaves differently

Is it ever going to be alright?

I got engaged to my boyfriend 10 months ago, but we are recently facing a lot of problems in fact the same problems we had prior to our engagement.

Regretting breaking my engagement

Now I am regretting it with thoughts of no one will marry me… putting more problems for my parents having to find a new guy…

Help!! I don’t know what to do

I can’t end it with him because he threatens to kill himself.. What do I do?

Parents forcing me to talk to my fiancee romantically.

I am 21 year old from India. I have been engaged to my cousin from last three years and he wants me to be romantically involved. I don’t undrstand what to do? Please help me in the light of shariah; should I go against my parents wish and hurt them? I don’t want to comit sin, niether do I want to hurt my parents.

Controlling fiancé

I am to be married in a month a few weeks, I talk to my fiance through the phone… I realized that when he marries me he is going to control me so much, he already started telling me what I should not do..

If he is not a good muslim himself i.e does not pray 5 times and has commited zinaa am I to follow what he commands. He says I should not pluck my eye-brows and he wants me to be covering my face when I go out and I agreed to this cuz I do not like arguing..