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Can’t take this life with my in-laws

Me and my husband have decided to move out of his parents home. My husband broke it to his father and his comment was, “Are you going to abandon your mum and dad?”

Controlling in laws and stressed husband

My parents know my situation, they have told me if i want to get divorce they’ll support me but I love my husband.

Toxic In-laws, Miscarriage, Depression – What should I do?

Please tell me in these circumstances, Should I give him another chance?

I want to be free from this marriage

Does Islam supports a divorce in such a situation? or should I just compromise for the rest of my life?

My husband and in-laws abuse me

Due to their physical and mental torture I lost my baby. My mother in-law blames me that I killed my baby to fulfill my sexual desires.

Expensive Marriage!

Expectations from the bride’s family were declared haram. My husband and his family said they never wanted anything before the marriage however later on they had a lot they wanted.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are destroying my marriage

My husband is severely controlled by his sister and mother. He told me his sister is next perfect to Allah and always right so he has to obey. He doesn’t see how abnormal it is that he sleeps in the same bed as his mother and not his wife…

My wife doesn’t listen to me, is rude, disobedient, and spends all time at her parent’s place.

My wife goes to her house every alternate day or daily also at times.stays there for 10 days or more. I am abandoned for so many days having no one to talk to as a wife, friend, someone who I can say is mine. Please help me what to do? I am really fed up of this life please show me a way or give me some advice

How to convince my husband?

So please help me how to convince my husband to take a home as early as possible so that our religion will be saved. So that, I can bring up my baby in Islamic ways and also make my husband to stay in Islam for ever.