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Seeking advice on the matter of a physical and verbal abuser husband

I was only 18 when I got married to him. He is extremely insecure and abusive towards me.

Planning to convert but my boyfriend is so jealous

He always says to me, you are my angel and my life, if you leave me I am dead. When we argue he threatens to cut himself.

He’s changed after engagement… what to do?

Recently our parents got involved for our marriage…. but now he seems to dominate me… He behaves differently

How can I cope with my oppressive Mother in Law?

I need to find a way to live in that house without feeling trapped, anxious, scared or depressed…

My fiance has a big anger problem

I have been engaged to my cousin since last year. He is an angry man, uses abusive language , and has no control on his temper. I don’t really know if he love me or not. He says that he loves me, but the problem is that he abuses me whenever he loses his temper.

My husband’s sisters are controlling him like a robot!

After two years time I came to know that my husband is like a robot and the remote control that is operating him is his unmarried sisters who are 50 years old. His sisters and his parents are completely controlling all their sons like robots.

Setting boundaries with husband and expecting acceptance

I feel my husband doesn’t trust me to allow me a break and I shouldn’t be with him. I’ve never cheated on him during our relationship and even gave up talking to friends (including my best friend) to please him. But the more I give up, the more he wants out of me. I also feel that I shouldn’t have to tolerate and accept his behavior, and the kids shouldn’t have to see that.

My mother in law is breaking up my marriage.

MIL doesn’t fear Allah, only misusing being a mother they even tell me tat mother can kill her son, does Islam allow that? She is jealous and wants me to leave her son; as a Muslim wife what should I do? I am very much hurt; my health also is not good because of stress. MIL stays with elder son and his wife; she is happy but still creating all problem in family.

My controlling mother dictates what I must wear

I am living in my own home but very close to my parents after the breakdown of my marriage. I visit my parents frequently and understand the importance of listening and obeying parents…

My husband is in debt and is very controlling

ear Brothers and Sisters in islam, my problem’s started six years ago when I married a man who was a lot more religous than I was, after alot of tragedy in my life i came to the conclusion that I needed to marry a man who would fear Allah and understand what a muslim marriage was all about, after refusing a few offers of marriage i met someone through a family friend..