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A secret marriage while still married to first husband?

She wants that nobody else should be aware and for the outside world, she will have her hindu name and still married to her hindu husband.

Being forced to convert from Islam

My husband converted to Christian and is forcing me to convert too.

I want to convert from Islam to Christianity so I can get a job

I am fed up of this after trying it for the last 5 years. Overall I can say that Islam is the best religion without any doubt, yet it’s followers are the worst -including me. So I want to leave the religion where people have no unity, fight with each other, are selfish, jealous, have an attitude, are arrogant, etc.

I broke up, but I still feel responsible for teaching her about Islam

Some friends told me to cut the contact with her but I am still thinking about it. I’m the only Muslim person she knows, I’m the only religious influence she has. I can’t just let her alone like nothing happened, right?

Questions about name changes after marriage and conversion

I am planning to get married to my best friend. He is a Hindu but is planning to convert to Islam Insha’Allah. I have two questions in regards to this process. His name is Siddharth. The meaning of his name is Achiever.

Am I free to re-marry after separating from Christian husband and reverting?

I am a married christian and separated for 5 years now, we are not legally separated, annulled or divorced but we agree to be separated.

Converting from Bohra Shia sect to proper Islam

I’m a bohra convert which is a Shia sect to mainstream Islam. It is a real close knit community. I have been practicing Islam for the past 3 years, but my family is unaware of it for obvious reasons. Recently, I was proposed to by a Muslim friend for marriage whom I know for the past 12 yrs. We have been good friends since our school days, and he is aware of the dilemmas that I’m facing in life. We are in love and obviously want to get married, his family have given their consent.

Should I marry this non-practising Shia girl?

The girl is not very highly practicing one in either Shite or Sunni faith though she says it does not matter as she is “just Muslim” and wants to marry someone who is also “just Muslim”. My understanding is that a Sunni boy may marry with a Shite girl as long as the girl agrees to allow the offspring to be raised as Sunni and not Shite.

Hindu girl ready to convert but afraid of hurting her parents

I am a Muslim boy in love with a Hindu girl for past ten years . Initially, she has always agreed to be a part of Islam, but since the D-Day is approaching her nervousness is creeping up. She understandably does not wants to tell her parents about her conversion to Islam, as this you […]

I married a Christian woman; which religion my children should follow?

I am a Muslim, married a Christian girl without her getting converted, which religion should my kids follow? Is it okay to keep her family name after my child’s 1st name?