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Just converted to Islam, I need help!

Hello, I am a South Korean currently living in Hong Kong and I reverted to Islam about 10 days ago, but I’m having some difficulties. First, my parents do not know that I became Muslim.

Need some guidance

I want to know that how can I separate from him when there was no proof of our marriage?

I was Christian converted to Islam

When I was Christian I did abortion. Do I still have a chance to forgive this huge sin I made?

Marrying in Kuwait

I am still married but have been separated for 6 years. I can’t get a divorce right now. How can I marry my boyfriend?

I prayed to Allah and received the best gift

I know my parents will not accept my fiance for what his background is, which is half Arab and half black. My family is a bit racist. Does anybody have any advice or anything in the Quran that states ethnicity in marriage?

My past is making me sick!

We have moved into a new house where I’m surrounded by people in this new area that knew (and I’m afraid will choose to not forget) about the things I did. I lose sleep. I look at my husband and feel guilty. I just want to cry all the time.

15 Year old Muslim revert living in a strictly Christian family, and I can’t stand it

I’m 15, about to turn 16, I’m going to be a Junior this year, and I’m a Muslim revert living in a strictly Christian family. I’m not even allowed to mention Allah’s name (swt). I honestly can’t spend another day in this house with them.

I converted but my husband didn’t; Is my marriage halal?

I have converted to Islam for few months now while I am married to my non-muslim husband. He made it clear that he will not convert but respects my belief.

I converted to Islam, now I want to divorce my Christian wife

I embraced Islam last Fall because I wanted to have a fresh start in life. I no longer love my current wife and wish to start a fresh life with another person, a Muslim woman.

Converted but doubting my future

The friend who introduced me to Islam has gone back to Pakistan and I feel cut off from furthering my knowledge as I do not know any muslim women in the area and I am too shy to venture to the mosque on my own. On top of this, the change in my lifetsyle and faith has meant that friends and family who don’t understand have lost touch leaving me quite lonely..