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My name is Monika, should I change it?

My name is monika i have embraced islam and sooner i am getting married to a muslim boy. Is it necessary to change my name after marriage?

Converted to Islam but can’t get over my ex

I converted to Islam very recently but I can’t get over my ex. it’s been 8 months since we are apart but my feelings for him still here… i dont know why i still cant forget him… i still love him & i want him to be back in my life but i dont know how to start a conversation with him.

Should I tell him that his girlfriend has been cheating on him?

I’m female and I used to be friends with a non-Muslim girl I knew from college. She seemed very nice and we actually spent a lot of time together. After a while I started noticing some changes in her behaviour. She was going through a rough time (father had a drinking problem, constant fighting between her parents and the situation escalated to a point where she had to start taking anti-depressives). After a few months she started losing control. She got irritated very quickly and did things she shouldn’t be doing.