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Too Much Control

I have been in this marriage for 3 years. As soon as I converted the rules started to come down hard on me.

I am so hurt…

He told me that he actually had another wife back home… They have a 3 year old child together.

Marrying in Kuwait

I am still married but have been separated for 6 years. I can’t get a divorce right now. How can I marry my boyfriend?

I’m worried about legal issues in my marriage

Is there a chance a 1st wife can file against my husband even though our marriage is legal attested and stamped?

Converted to Islam, seperated from husband ten years ago. Can I marry?

I just converted into islam last year,but been separated from christian husband for a decade. Can I marry my muslim boyfriend?

I dream to live a Muslim life

I’m a Filipina and was newly converted into islam 2 yrs. Now here in Dubai and I’m 9 years separated with my husband and now he got his new family in Phillipines. I want to have a muslim family in the future but as far I know from my islamic studies muslim women committed any relationship is haram. Therefore I want to divorced my Ex husband since he have a new family now.

I converted to Islam, can I marry a Muslim woman before my divorce from my ex is final?

Asalamu aleykum. I am a convert to Islam and had been separated for 6 months before filing for divorce from my ex. My ex is Christian, and I am Muslim. The woman I want to marry is Muslim and has been divorced from her husband for 6 years. Is it possible to get married Islamically before my divorce is final?