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I met a Muslim man after my husband left me, I converted to Islam, will they allow me to marry him?

I’m married in civil in Philippines but I am separated with my husband but not legally cause he just left me then I meet a muslim guy here we love each other so much he wants to marry me that’s why I convert to islam.

I was planning to convert, but my Muslim boyfriend cheated

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I wanted to convert to Islam but my boyfriend cheated on me so I do not know what to do. How will become a Muslim now that he has cheated?

I’m confused if she will be a good trust worthy wife.

I’m in love with this girl since 2009, we met and i really liked her, she’s from philippines and she works in a hospital in middle east. I’m from South Asia lives in Canada. We used to meet every few days for six moths then I had to moved to another city and she also went back to middle east but we kept in touch through Internet …

He is willing to convert for me but not to pray

Salam, I really need some advice in this matter. I have been seeing a non-muslim man for a few weeks. Firstly we were just friends now things have developed whereby we want to be together. I am an Arab muslim and I have been married twice before to arab men and things didn’t work out. I also have 3 children. My man says he is willing to convert to Islam to be with me, but would have a hard time praying.