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How do I approach a girl the Halal way?

Since dating as done by the non-Muslims is not allowed, how exactly to go about the courtship process?

Secretly in love with a divorced Muslim man; how to approach him?

I think he doesn’t want to be indecent towards me. He asked me once if i have found a partner and i said no. Then he said he feels ready to move on but doesn’t know much about courtship. I guess that was a hint but i do not know how to react. Please help. This is a man i have serious feelings for and that is why i feel even more nervous.

How does someone find their perfect match, if dating is not allowed in Islam?

My parents plan on having me marry my cousin once I turn 23, which I won’t agree to. I wan’t someone out of my family, or generation. I want to meet someone else, someone new.

A married man wants to marry me, but is waiting for his greencard before he divorces

Salamu Aleikum,

I know a very good Muslim Man. He prays five times per day and puts Allah first in everything he does. Right now, our relationship is innocent although we do spend time together praying in the home at times. This is because this man has expressed interest in marrying me and we are trying to learn more about eachother.

Should I be honest during the courting period even when I have sinned?

I have a problem which make me to think all day and night. I have been in a relationship and we had decided to marry each other. We did something which were sin and I did those only because I was sure of my decision and wanted to marry him.(I’m a virgin and didn’t lose my virginity but he has touched my body and I did so with him).