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Forced to take an oath because of family issues

In the end she gave me two options, “either I’m going to lie and exploit [my cousin] in the family that he has been blackmailing my daughter, or give me an oath that you will not have any kind of contact with him.”

I remain upset most of the time

My problem is again the cousin I love. It’s been more than a year I am unable to get out of his thoughts.

Mother is denying this marriage

I do not wish to marry without my mother’s approval, but I can not help but think that these reasons that she is denying my cousin are not legitimate.

Should I marry him?

Should I marry my first cousin, he is a very well educated and sensible boy and him and my mum have quite a good relationship.

Need help with nikah – Would this work?

We felt bad about zina… So the idea came of if we both secretly do nikah till our parents fix a date. Then break the nikah or tell our parents we both already did nikah, or do nikah again…

I don’t know what to do next. Please help me!

Everyday I cry and pray to Allah to just get her to love me and agree to marry me.

Muslim Shiia in distress

I am married to a Christian man… but myself and my cousin have fallen in love. I do not feel I will divorce my husband for he loves me.

Should I wait for him?

He likes me too but wants to finish his studies before marrying. That will take 1 and a half years. He is a practicing Muslim and wants to do this Islamic way only.

I can’t make a decision about this proposal

A few months back I was asked by my sister how I would feel about getting engaged to the middle son of my aunt, Z. At first I was angry at the fact that how could my family think of such a thing at the same time bringing us up together so my reaction was a No, I was really upset at that time.