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I can’t see my cousin marrying anyone else…should I fight for this?

I don’t know what to do anymore. I think I can get over these feelings with Allah’s help, but at the same time, I don’t think I can see him getting married to someone else.

My lover is a family relative… Is this permissible?

Is our relationship permissible according to Islamic laws?

Why can’t I conceive? Is it because I married my cousin?

I did medical checkup also thrice and Al ham dullilah everything is fine but till now i did not conceive. My in laws, every relatives makes me so so mad by asking same question “why on earth I am not conceiving ? ” .

Is marriage with my cousin safe or is it not?

I heard that there’s a lot of problems in cousin marriages where the children can have genetics defects and everything. My maternal aunt is also married to her first cousin, so her son is a product of first-cousin marriage, making him my first and third cousin as well.

Should I obey my Mother or my Husband?

I want to ask a question about my marital life. I have done nikah with my cousin. and my parents are not aware about my nikah. But my cousin’s parents know it. My parents say me to go out to some relatives or family friends, or join college for further study.

Thalassaemia minor and cousin marriages


I need to ask whether it´s okay to marry your first cousin if only one of us has thallaesemia minor? and what about other diseases that our children can get due to marriage in the same blood line?