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Will Allah forgive me?

My cousin brother forced me to do sinful acts. His sister saw… she said that she will not forgive me.

Molested by cousin

Now I’m like 100% sure that it wasn’t misunderstanding and my cousin actually molested me.

Abused since 9 years. In a serious need of help.

I would honestly not be alive today, if suicide wasn’t haram.

Long distance relationship with a cousin.

We talk a lot and it could be haram? However we don’t want to stop talking.

Me and my cousin would like to get married but there’s a problem, help please?.

We have liked each other for quite a while, we are in love and there is no other person like her anywhere.

I can’t love my husband

I’m married to my cousin… I want divorce but my family is not supportive. I see no way out…

Marriage proposal – I don’t want to marry him!

My father has asked me to marry his sister’s son…

I need to marry with her – please help me out from this problem

My friend committed Zina with his cousin brother’s wife… is it possible for him to stay with her with the permission of his cousin brother?

I’m a hostage of love, against my wish…..

I am a 14 year old tenth grader. Being forced to be in love has to probably be the worst of all situations…

Please help me get out of the guillt !

[Editor’s note: This post relates to unwanted sexual feelings towards a young female.]