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How do I tell my parents I want to marry a Nigerian boy?

I’m a sister who is 19 years old and am interested in a religious Nigerian boy. For starters, I don’t know how to approach this and get my family to send a proposal through to his.

I’m South Asian he’s Arab, how can I convince my parents to accept him?

I am almost 18, and I have met someone I want to marry. We are only best friends right now, but we have spoken about  marriage. But I am South Asian in London and he is Arab living in his country.

In love with the man who took away my virginity, but parents won’t accept him

I don’t want to lose my family, but it’s haram for them to refuse/reject him just because he’s from another culture.

I want to marry an American convert, but my parents don’t agree

His family is still christian, but he spends his life as I said in our islam. He changed himself: stopped drinking, no haram relationships, fasts the whole Ramadan, and reads quran. He knows quran with translation, and tries to do things according to islam. I am sure he has converted as he loves to hear hadith and believes in one God and His Prophet(P.B.U.H).

Cultural parents not allowing me to marry Latino convert sister

I have came to know of a convert Muslim sister that is looking for marriage. After speaking to my mother about getting married to this convert who is of Hispanic origin, my mother was quick to shoot down that suggestion because she is not of “our” culture.

How can I convince my parents to let me marry this good Muslim man?

I’m 19 years old college girl. I have met this guy on a social website. I wasn’t planning to make a relationship with him or something, he was just asking me about Islam and to explain some verses for him. He is a good muslim religious person. After a while, he asked me to marry him because he wants to have islamic family not affected by the American culture, he said I’ll come to ur parents and propose according to the islamic civility and I’ll do whatever they want just to show them that I’m a good person who deserves their daughter and I totally agreed.

I’ve read that suicide committed by a mentally ill person is accepted

Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts but I can’t kill myself due to Islamic reasons. But lately the articles I read state the acceptance of committing suicide in state of mental disorder or depression (Allah knows best), so it got me really thinking. I’m still praying thank God, and still do not lose complete hope in Allah.

My life is spinning out of control – don’t know if my marriage is salvageable!

I am married, and was married once before. My ex husband was evil to the core. I have a metal plate in my neck as a daily reminder of how evil he can be. When I finally escaped him, and he was in prison for trying to kill me, I came back to Colorado and spent the next 5 years doing everything I could to try and understand how I became such a victim? Before him I was so independant, even hard I guess.

Converted Muslim girl in relationship with Saudi man but he hasn’t told his family about us

I am an American and converted to Islam about one year ago. I’m a divorced mom and met my “husband” about 6 months ago. We are in a mut’ah marriage which only his brother who lives here and some of his friends here know about.

His Parents Won’t Let Him Marry A Non-Pakistani Girl

I thought I found the perfect potential spouse who is also interested in me. However, his parents want him to marry a Pakistani, and wouldn’t even consider me because I’m white.