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Marriage communication

I do not know if this is something wrong, but any time I say something to my husband he gets angry, for example he asked me if his trousers are dirty( to judge if they are dirty) I said I do not know, I did not think that my answer was rude?

Have I been rude Is there any book in Islam that talk about good marriage communication?

Was it right choosing parents over a guy?

I fell in love with a muslim guy from another country. We knew each other for a year, and there was a lot of love between us but no sexual intercouse. Im 18 and he is 30. We really respected each other. But when my parents found out my father put me in such a position that I had to choose either him or the guy.

Marriage and ethnicity

There is a man I would like to get married to, but his ethnicity is causing my parents to reject him. Of course, Islam is a religion that should break all barriers between races. But cultural traditions and expectations are considered important in my country. My parents have cursed him and abhor him because of the country he is from.

My family don’t want me to marry him because he’s black.

I am in love with a very respectful muslim man. We really want to get married and my family was approving. Now that they know he is black, they don’t even want me to talk about it. He is so tired of waiting and wants us to be together no matter what. At the same time, I don’t think he is willing to wait for me any longer to get intimate.

Confused and Trapped

I am from Asia, and I married to a Muslim black American man. Generally we love each other. But life has been difficult for me. I am confused and feel trapped. My husband has many problems that I never anticipated. I live only to solve his problems. I am a pillar to him but he is not such a support for me. I dont want to be a bad wife or greedy for material world. I am confused how to get out and just be simple single and easy life again.