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Illness and depression

I’m losing myself. Every day I cry, I want to die…

He forced me

I just can’t forget how he had touched my body… how he used me…

I am so hurt…

He told me that he actually had another wife back home… They have a 3 year old child together.

I don’t know how to make him understand

We had some misunderstanding between us and he is talking so rude to me… I know suicide isn’t good – that is the only reason I am still alive.

Divorce issue – I can’t understand why this is happening!

Is this the way, that you leave your wife for a small thing?

I am so sad I want a cure for this depression

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters i am 14 year old boy and I am patient of depression i hide my tears every time I don’t want to show anyone one time I caught by my mother crying I don’t know how to get peaceful life I am in worries of everything 🙁   Asadullah

I now feel like suicide is the only way out ='(

I can’t take it any more ……. Where should I go? ….. Don’t my tears have any value near Allah ?

I’ve fallen in love

I know my mum would never agree as I am only 19. His parents would also not agree…

Shared pictured on FB; feeling depressed.

I am a girl age 15 and i really need help i have made a mistake and last year i regret it i added someone who is from neighboring city on my Facebook account and he saved my pictures and made a fake account of it he didn’t do anything though accept it.

Why am I so tired of life?

I cannot seem to find the strength in me to forgive myself or whatever I do, anything that includes me I absolutely loathe. I have told so many people about it, tried so many different things but I always end up back to square one.